Zemat Boxmaker – a gamechanger in packaging solutions?

Zemat Boxmaker – a gamechanger in packaging solutions?

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Speed, precision, efficiency – these features make Boxmaker indispensable in every industry, that require serial production of cardboard overpacks. Use of machines that produce cardboard boxes is necessary for example, in e-commerce business. How does modern Boxmaker, ready to meet the needs of most complicated projects, work?

Boxmaker is an automat that combines versatility: it enables the production of regular flap boxes made of corrugated cardboard. The operation of packaging machines is not – in the case of modern boxmakers – limited to one pattern. The key to the popularity of devices is their versatility.

This is mainly due to the possibility of die cutting. Boxmaker provides cutting holes for hands or the implementation of cross cuts adapted to individual projects. At the same time, the machine provides a wide range of materials use. Flexo printing – e.g. applied in terms of logos – or RESY symbols gives special possibilities of use, e.g. in the context of the requirements of the e-commerce industry.

Boxmaker – application: production, creasing and cutting

One of the advantages of the boxmaker is the variety of its use. A high-class device includes possibilities such as:

  • production of standard cardboard boxes,
  • the use of both single sheets and, for example, triple wave,
  • creating slip sheets,
  • fracturing,
  • creasing: facilitating the bending of the material in a certain location – transverse and longitudinal,
  • trimming cardboard to the desired size.

The key advantage of the boxmaker is the depth of possible implementation – the complexity of services concentrated in one device. This allows – in the case of serial production – to save expenses for external additional work, and at the same time significantly accelerate the completion time.

Boxmaker – modularity ensures individualization

One of the special features of package production machines is the possibility of their specific personalization. The modular design of devices translates into the creation of sets corresponding to the needs of any given customer. How does this solution work in practice?

The basic module can be extended with additional ones – e.g. feeders. This translates into the automation of tasks while limiting the human resources necessary to operate the boxmaker. In a situation where, from the point of view of production optimization, the combination of speed and quality of execution is crucial, boxmaker machine modules are of significant importance.

Zemat Boxmaker a gamechanger in packaging solutions
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BOXMAT – boxmaker that satisfies customer needs

The prices of boxmaker-type machines make it worth optimizing the cost of the machine – it allows the user to adjust it according to the purpose and frequency of use. The Boxmat HD line provided by Zemat – the most modern of cardboard boxes producing machines – was designed to handle short and medium length series orders. 40 pre-installed FEFCO styles, tool-free change of settings or the possibility of cutting inspection and ventilation openings give variety of possibilities of use. This goes hand in hand with the convenience and limitation of the human factor to a minimum: Boxmat HD offers a task queuing system, wide possibilities of data integration and an intuitive and convenient operating screen.

When analyzing the boxmaker type of machines, it is worth paying attention to the comprehensive nature of the operation. This can be observed on the example of the Boxmat PRO model. It draws attention to the diversity of potential uses. Boxmaker provides:

  • slot cutting,
  • cutting off excess,
  • full creasing process,
  • cutting off the adhesive tongue.

The result is a complete list of services aimed at achieving the required forms in terms of machine and cyclical production.

How does boxmaker work in the rapid production of packaging?

With such a wide range of possibilities as in the case of Boxmat PRO, circular or razor knives and creasing rolls are set appropriately to the design, size and thickness of the processed cardboard. By using anti-slip rollers, the boxmaker controls the course of the material during the entire cutting or creasing process.

The next stage of the boxmaker operation is the operation of the knife system. Their operation includes cutting off excess from the established forms. Therefore, high-quality boxmakers do not require – what is particularly important – separate trimming of the residues with a separate device. The automation of the process makes it faster to acquire boxes made of multi-layered corrugated cardboard – while ensuring the precision of execution.

Boxmaker – advantages: why is it worth investing in machines?

The benefits of boxmaker packaging machines are a combination of speed, precision and optimization. Errors resulting from operating on multi-module devices are minimized thanks to an integrative solution combining notching, cutting off and creasing. Boxmaker allows you to quickly change settings, which promotes the dynamics of order processing. An undeniable feature of the machines is also the precision of formatting – calibration of the machine also in remote mode, and at the same time the accuracy of the cutting knives. As a result, it is a technology that fits into the natural needs of companies using cardboard packaging on a daily basis.

This article was originally published by Zemat.

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