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Custom conveyor systems and solutions

Renowned for durably-designed plastic chain conveyors and industry-leading innovation in material handling, Span Tech is recognised as a global leader in developing unique, customisable technical solutions for processing applications in core industries that include: food production, beverage production, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce.

Whatever your application, our custom conveyor systems and solutions bring optimum performance to your industry's specific needs.

Packaging conveyors

When it comes to packaging facilities, the best conveyor solutions should make the best use of moving trays, boxes, crates and available floor space. Whether you are moving sensitive products, empty packages or heavy packages, your packaging line should be flexible, adaptable and innovative to ensure each product is handled correctly and oriented appropriately before entering the filling, labelling and packaging machines down the line.

We are constantly inventing and continually evolving our conveyor designs and equipment to best handle all product packaging for more than 30 years now. This breadth of experience, coupled with our diverse range of equipment, provides expert solutions for an array of applications and budget requirements.

In addition, our seasoned account engineers and project managers will recommend the best equipment solution for your particular product and project specifications. Contact us today to get started on achieving the most out of your packaging process.

Standard conveyors

When you have a simple application and just need to get your product from point A to point B, our standard conveyors will move your products seamlessly.

Whether you have the need for a straight, incline or curving application we have the conveyors that will fit your demands and your space. Our standard conveyor systems are simple but effective and require very minimal design time to ensure you get your products moving as soon as possible.

  • Curve Conveyor
  • Straight Conveyor

Accumulation conveyors

Accumulation is the collecting of products on a conveyor to move them as a group instead of individually. Accumulation occurs by halting the product on the conveyor allowing the products behind it to catch up and group together.

While you can accumulate on any of Span Tech's chains, (other than high friction), we designed Tube Top chain specifically for the accumulation application. By allowing the tubes to roll under the accumulated product Tube Top chain decreases the back pressure felt on the products (back pressure – how squeezed the first products are by all the accumulated products behind it pushing on them). The rolling tubes are also much more gentle on the products that have printed surfaces.

Sorting and merging conveyors

Boost your sorting and merging capabilities and take your productivity to new heights.

Sorting and merging your products has never been easier. Check out our selection of adaptable sorting and merging conveyor solutions to learn how your system could be more efficient than ever.

  • Power Divert Conveyor
  • Transpositor Conveyor
  • Vertical Switch Conveyors
  • Conveyor Stops and Pushers
  • Laner Conveyor Diverter Gate System
  • High-Speed Switch Conveyor

Conveyor transfer systems

Need to move products in a linear manner from one conveyor to the next? We can provide the best solution possible, with transfers that are strong enough for heavy products and smooth enough for the smallest. The proven technology is developed to work seamlessly in conjunction with our conveyors, but they can also be adapted to use on other systems as well. All of our transfers are wash down capable and can be either slave-driven from the main conveyor shaft or independently powered by their own gear motors. Our transfer systems get your products where they need to be faster. Let us show you how they'll work on your system.

  • Gravity Transfer Roller Systems
  • Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
  • Microspan Transfer Conveyor

Changing elevation conveyors

From lifting to lowering, our systems change elevation while keeping your product in top shape. No matter what height or depth your product needs to reach, we have the solution that will maximise uptime and ROI. These innovative systems can even accommodate heating, cooling and product orientation needs to make your line run better than ever.

  • Incline Conveyor
  • Topper Lift Conveyor
  • Wedge Conveyor
  • Spiral Elevator Conveyor
  • Helical Conveyor

Speciality conveyor systems

Need your conveyor to do something unordinary? Our specialty conveyors can do it all – from twisting to running underwater. We embrace your challenges to find the perfect, specialty solution.

  • EZSpan Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Tray Flipper Conveyor
  • Spiral Cooling Conveyor
  • Conveyor Lift Gate
  • Twist Conveyor

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