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PET & rPET bottles & jars with closures, dispensers & sprayers

Established in Copenhagen in 2011, EMBACO has rapidly grown to become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of PET and rPET bottles and jars with closures and dispensers to suit.

Now with multiple offices throughout Europe and an international client base, EMBACO is trusted by some of the most popular brands in the food, beverage, personal care, health care and home care industries.

A world of better packaging

We are constantly striving to improve our impact on the environment, taking action today for the changes we want to see tomorrow.

PET is fully recyclable and is the most recycled plastic worldwide because so many waste management systems accept it.

All our bottles and jars are also available in up to 100% rPET. The key impact of rPET is in its creation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 71% when compared with Virgin PET and requiring 79% less energy to produce.

Both our PET and rPET bottles and jars are produced locally in Europe using 100% renewable energy on energy-saving machinery. This means fully recyclable, lightweight, shatterproof results with lower carbon emissions.

Complete pack solution

All our bottles and jars are available with matching closures, dispensers and sprayers. Our extensive range includes:

  • Screw caps
  • Tamper evident caps
  • Child resistant caps
  • Aluminium caps
  • Flip top caps
  • Disc top caps
  • Nozzles
  • Lotion pumps
  • Serum pumps
  • Oil pumps
  • Mist sprayers
  • Mini triggers
  • Triggers sprays

Enjoy the ease of buying everything from one company.

Flexible to suit your needs

Every customer is unique, and we will work closely with you to create a solution to fit your specific needs. We can tailor every element of our process and product so you will receive the perfect packaging for your schedule, product and market.

  • All products available in rPET
  • Exclusive custom designs and unique shapes
  • Custom colours
  • HPP suitable options
  • UV & O2 barriers
  • Screen printing
  • Labelling

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